Type: Hotel
Address: Merkela 7, Riga
Number of floors: 5
Total land area: 2834,18м2

Unique historic building with great potential in the heart of Riga

Unique building, built in the late nineteenth century in the eclectic style, designed by Frederick Baumanis the first Latvian to get academic architectural education.

The structure is located in the heart of Riga. Intensive pedestrian traffic, the proximity of Old Town and the city center, as well as the architecture of the building are great apportunities to use.

Building is located at one of the central streets of the city – Merkela Street. Just few minutes away walking there are two big shopping centres and the most famous cinema theatre; circus is located right opposite to the object. Main tourism centre of Riga – the Old town is also located nearby; there are many parks and sightseeing attractions around.
Central railroad station is 150 m away.
Sea passenger port is 2 km away, but airport – 8 km away.


The building at Merkela 7 was built in 1880 and was designed by the first Latvian architect with an academic education – Friedrich Baumanis. Its historical facade has remained practically untouched till today. Beyound all doubt, it creates the main value of this building. Decorative concrete elements and window apertures have also retained their original look.

The historical status of the building as a legacy is confirmed and documented in tehnical and historical reports and reports of experts, completed in October, 20006. The preliminary design of renovation includes the transformation of this building into a hotel which is an inalienable part of the offered property package.

The building was built in the eclectic style.


It should be noted that the role and place of the building in an urban environment is largely determined by the dominant style of the XIX century – eclecticism.

All buildings, regardless of their function, were illusory rectonic facades, in a steady rhythm which makes a volatile and emerging architectonic details, mostly borrowed from previously known architectural styles.