About Us

Real Estate Expert


Real Estate Expert is an international consulting company.

We provide wide-range services to our clients in the field of real estate. Real Estate Expert has a boundless geography of services. Real estates in Latvia, Canada, Montenegro.. Houses, apartments, plots, any kinds of commercial spaces – this is a list of our offerings in Latvia and abroad.

Our goal

Quality of service is the basic rule for each staff member of the Real Estate Expert.

We precisely fulfil our contracts grounded upon our long-term sector and market knowledge. Observance of the Business Code of Ethics enables us to maintain an appropriate service level. Our accuracy and sequence in business prevent us from exploiting one and the same approach to the client management.


Real Estate Expert is your reliable business partner in the very centre of Europe.

Best European methods and high working standards. We do respect your time and your money so we are looking for the most beneficial solutions and are managing the most complicated real estate operations in any state of the world.